Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ready Set Go ... !!!

Hello friends

It has been too quiet on my side for a little while and I'm looking forward to jumping back into the action and creating beautiful projects to share with you.

My family and I recently moved into a new home and the last few months have been 'topsy-turvy' - I have been packing/unpacking, purging and sweating!

But it's been worth it ... we are settled into our new home, still boxes to unpack while I find a place for all our possessions - but Oh My Goodness I have my own CRAFT SPACE and I'm over excited!!! 

My son is happy with his new room ... always a relief for a parent! Our neighbourhood has less traffic and there are more kids around. We will miss our lovely neighbours but we know where they live! And they sell awesome goodies at their store so I'll be visiting them there too.

I'm deciding on my next few projects ... so look out for me soon.

Until another day,
Vicki :-)

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