Monday, June 29, 2015

Time away from the craft room ...!

Hello everyone,

My son is on Summer vacation for 2 weeks and we've been running around with chores at home and out 'n about!

We did find some time to chill ... for a little while. I love coming to my favourite bookstore, Chapters - I browse through the books, stop for a coffee and do all my creative thinking here. If my son is with me I usually bring his iPod and let him play games while I surf the web ...

My handsome young man!

So I've been researching printers - and wow - there are so many great options out there and I'm finding it difficult to choose, but have narrowed it down to a Canon or an Epson! - I'll update once I've made my selection. I'm printing lots of digital paper and need something that will make the designs blast with colour!

I'm off to have some FUN in the SUN with my son and will be back to craft soon - my Silhouette machine is gathering dust and I'm itching to create something :-).

Take care and happy crafting!

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