Monday, July 6, 2015

General catch up!

Hello everyone,

Today my son went back to school for the month of July so I've been catching up on things at home and in my craft room!

So I was looking into printers recently and narrowed it down to two - Canon and Epson. I wanted something that printed my colours with some brightness and also offered large format so I'd have the option of printing 12x12 paper or slightly bigger. I kept comparing the two and always ended up choosing the Canon but needed something to convince me as they were pricey. When I saw the Canon on sale at $150 off the asking price I convinced my husband to buy it. :-). It is quite big but I managed to find a place for it.

I started working on my next project for 'The Hybrid Chick' blog and I'm very pleased with the printer, the colours look great even on matte paper ... can't wait to try it out on some photo paper soon.

My next Hybrid Chick project will be posted soon.

Enjoy your day, we have a beautiful sunny one in Toronto today!
Ciao, Vicki

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