Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Daddy's corner!

Hi everyone!

It's my husbands birthday on Friday and I had no idea what to get him for his special forty-something day! He's always 'hogging' the right side of the couch so I decided to make him his own cushion (cover) to mark his spot :-).

A few of my crafty friends in Canada suggested a cushion cover from Ikea so I just happened to be there yesterday for something else and found the cover for $4.99. They have various colours but I went for the grey (UK spelling!). Gurli cushion cover.

I used my awesome Silhouette machine and flocked heat transfer vinyl and my trusty ol' iron...

Nice and simple but marks his corner - I've left it in on the couch in the living room so it will be interesting to see if he notices it before Friday.

Have a happy day!


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