Monday, July 20, 2015

Dirty, Clean or Busy!

Hi everyone!

Often I get asked by my hubby if the dishwasher is dirty or clean* ... some times one day rolls into the next for me and I can't remember if I've stacked it or cleared it so instead of my usual comment of 'I don't know - have a look' I decided to make a dishwasher magnet:

I used the usual Dirty and Clean wording and included the Busy side too as 'someone'* has opened it mid cycle a few times ;-)
I designed the template for the final product, chose some patterns that are standard in the Silhouette software, played around with their size and angle and used a stencil font.

I printed it on glossy paper and printed a few more layers to make it less flimsy and attached 3 flat magnets.

I love the way it turned out and so far it's doing a good job!
{Photos not the greatest as there was too much glare from the dishwasher door}

FYI - Hubby loves it ... phew!

Happy Crafting!!

*At least hubby helps with the dishes - AND I do totally appreciate it*

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